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Shen Ao-Fu Long route

  Seaside Rock Discovery Voyage
Shen Ao-Fu Long route


Shen Ao Harbor

Shen Ao Harbor is located between Ba Dou Zi and Shui Nan Cave. It is given a nickname “Aborigines Harbor” because the rock wall looked like a tribal chief face which examined from one side; another explanation is that this used to be where Kai Da Ge Lan Ping Bu tribe lived. From the harbor one can view Jiou Fen Keen Long Mountain. There is a sea corroded stone standing a ten-something meters by the Sea. It is shaped like an elephant with its nose in the sea drinking water. It is one of best known spectacle here.

Direction: Form Jiou Fen go on Tai No 2 road towards Kee Lung.


NanYa Amazing Rocks

On NanYa geographic trail and go down the stone stairs, one can enjoy the sight of rock mountains from by rains and wind corrosion. NanYa area has Da Puh fault which is consist of vertical layers. When rain seeps into the rock and oxidize the iron, a beautiful ruby red color becomes visible.

Direction: 82.5 km into Tai No 2 Road (Seafront highway)Community.


Bitou Cape Lighthouse Trail

Bitou Main Trail starts from Bitou Elementary School and ends at Bitou Lighthouse. The slope is moderate for easy to strolling. There is a visible seafloor fault below the lighthouse that extends three kilometers into the sea. At here you observe the tranquility of calm sea on the left and experience the rush of relentless from the right. Bitou Cape pluses the San Dion Cape from Gong Liao and Fu Gui Cape from Shi Men forms the three key capes of Northern Taiwan.

Location: Go on Tai No. 2 Road, pass Shui Nan Cave and Nan Ya and to reach destination.


Long Dong Bay promontory trail

The geography consists of hard sandstone; the rock wall has a distinct and clear cut pattern. This is a famous rock climbing and snorkeling site at Taiwan’s Northeastern corner. The trail is three kilometers long and takes about an hour from Long Dong Elementary School to Xi Ling Yan Temple.

Direction: Go on Tai No 2 Road, pass Long Dong tunnel, turn left and go on cement road towards Long Dong fishing village to reach the ocean park.


Long Men Campsite

Campsite has an area of 7,200,000 square meters including water. It used to be a sand excavation site. After Northeastern corner administration office revamped the site and turned it into a campsite that includes mountain, sea and river. Campers can BBQ, bike, kayak, and go fishing. A quick walk through 202 meter red Long Men suspension bridge to reach Yan Liao beach.

Direction: 100km into Tai No 2 Road.


Fu Long Sea Park

This Park has been a recreation place since Japanese occupation. It crosses Shuang Xi River’s Rainbow Bridge and connects Blue-Sky Road and Gold sand beach. Its length is 3000 meter and 80 meters wide. Fu Long is where Taiwan’s sport sailing and surfing originates. Beginners can practice at the calm Shuang Xi River. Every summer, HO-HAI-YAN Rock festival is held here with much fanfare. Rock and Roll, beer and bikini inject refreshing energy into the park.

Direction: On Tai No 2 road towards Tou Cheng, passes Yan Liao and arrive at destination.


Old Grass Hill Tunnel

This tunnel is the one depicted in the famous Taiwanese folk song (Due-Due-Dong). Tunnel total length is 2,167 meters. Besides the entrance of tunnel has two plaques carved Zhi Tian Xian and Guo Yun Fei Chu. This tunnel connects Yilan’s Tou Cheng and Gong Liao’s Fu Long. It is currently a bike trail. Temperature in the tunnel is cool and sound effects from a passing train make this a worthwhile place to visit.

Direction: From the right site Fu Long train station go along Bei Hui Railroad towards Shi Cheng.


Fu Long Meal Box

A few meal box shops are outside Fu Long Train Station. The box filled with cabbage, dried tofu, pork, pickled vegetables, sausage, egg, chick and salted carrot. The flavor has not changed at all through generations. The shop called “Shiang Ye meal box” is the most traditional tasting and best selling.


Jia Yi Seafood Restaurant

Ao Di Seafood Street has more than a dozen seafood restaurants. Among them Jia Yi Seafood restaurant is a suggested place to visit. In its 20 year history, it is a place where locals come here to feast. If customers are not familiar with seafood, the owners can suggest some great dishes such as chicken grunt, eels, stonefish, Southern Drummer and Parrotfish.

Phone: 886-2-2490-2652
Address: No.82, Renhe Rd., Gong Liao Township, Taipei County 228, Taiwan


A-Hua Shark Soup

A small shop that only has a few items such as grill shark, shark soup, fish belly and fish ball...etc. Flavor and price is very sensible.

Location: In Shen Ao Harbor.