Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fine Art and Talent Exploration

Fine Art and Talent Exploration

JuMing Museum

Artist Ju Ming let his art flourish through meditation. Adhering the principle “Freedom of expression and unrequited intention” keeps his creative style simple and subtle. Tai Chi collection is one if his most represented works.

Direction From Taipei or KeeLung: Take KuoKuang motor transport, Royal bus, KeeLung Bus, or DanShui Charter Bus to JinShan. Get off at the JinShan Fine Art and Senior Community Centre then take the free shuttle bus.

Mountain Town Fine Art Gallery

The newly constructed gallery in the mountain town has the nickname of "Where beauty gathers". Located at ShuiNan Cave area, the owner often invites local artists to exhibit their works. This three stories building with sea view is now a place where artists and tourist interacts.

Reservation: 886-938-752202
Address: No.155-3, Dongding Rd., Ruifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan

Qiu Xi Xun Asphalt Painting

Famous for his great sense of humor. Professor Qiu has been using the sticky, moving, and difficult to control asphalt for his art creation. The oscillating lines, out-of-box concept of an art form records a diminishing tradition way of life . Professor Qiu’s personal studio is at Jiou Fen.

Abstract Pottery Barn

Jiou Fen has many stray cats, and some of the most expressive works of the owner Zhan Mei Yu’s are related to them. The funny, round and colored two inch pottery pieces are playful and cheerful in one’s hand.

Phone: 886-2-2406-2388
Address: No.278, Qingbian Rd., Ruifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan

Jiou Fen Local Museum

The owner Lai Zhi Xian is a guardian of Taiwan folk culture. In order to preserve the early life and memories of Taiwan, he collects lifestyle items and toys from the elders, and some of them even dated back to the Ching Dynasty.

Phone: 886-2-2496-7755
Address: No.155, Qiche Rd., Ruifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan

Jiou Fen Fine Art Gallery

The owner/painter Hong Zhi Sheng is one of the inspirations of Jiou Fen art lifestyle. This gallery exhibits his tea art, potteries and paintings.

Phone: 886-2-2497-6487
Address: No.27, Shuqi Rd., Ruifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan