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Gong liao-Ping Xi route

Quiet Trail, Flying Wish Lamps, Black Gold Rail Road Tour
Gong liao-Ping Xi route

TaoYuan Valley Trail

The most attractive feature of this trail is the thirty degree slope and total length of three kilometers large grass area nicknamed “The Green Carpet”. There are four trails, the longest trail Da Xi line is five kilometers long. From Gong Liao enters the “Nei Liao Line”, and rest is the steeper sloped “Shi Guan Yin Line” and “Cao Ling Line”.

Tea Flower Plantation

Every year from November to April of next year is flower viewing season. Over 800 specimens of tea flowers in the plantation come from countries such as Japan, China, U.S.A. and Canada. Chin Dynasty’s scholar ZHUANG TING CAN left a old house. There is a vibrant tea flower craving art on the stonewall.

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Address: No.67, Meizhuxi, Shuangxi Township, Taipei County 227, Taiwan

Grass Hill Old Road

The road connect Gong Liao viewing platform with The Yilan Da Li Tian Gong Temple. Its total length spans 8.5 kilometers and part of ancient Dan Lan road. Ancestors walked on this road when exploring Yi Lan from Taipei. Ching Dynasty general LIU MING DENG left two stone tablets carved the words “Tiger” and “Xiong Zhen Man Yan”

Direction: From Fu Long take route 102 and follow the sign into Gong Liao viewing terrace.

Jing Tong Train Station

If time is a constraint, one can choose to visit this station. Jing Tong is Ping Xi line’s last station. Built in 1929, the old Japanese style wooden station still retained its style. It is now a state designated level three historic heritage. Train Story Museum is a great place to buy gifts. Then take a tour of Crown Prince Chalet, Mining Memorial Park and lastly stop by and order Jing Tong Old Street’s much media reported Yang’s chicken roll.

Direction: Drive on No 106 route or take Ping Xi train and get off at Jing Tong.

Coal Mine Museum

Modified from The New Ping Xi coal mine that ended its operation in 1997, the current vibrant museum is suited for outside learning and family interaction. Itinerary includes mining tour, safety training road, cart riding and simulated mining…etc

Direction: Drive No 106 route at Shi Pen 69 kilometers cross rail road, turn left and go uphill.

Ba Xian Cave

Cave is located at left side of Gua Yin Hill. It was used as a bomb shelter under Japanese occupation. Cave inside is cool, and there are caves within caves. There is also stone made furniture in it. This cave is a great secret base for explorers with strong heart.

Direction: Drive or take train to Ping Xi station and follows signs to climb Guan Yin Hill.

Ling Jiao

Ping Xi upstream has fewer tourists. Even the train station is basic and without a ticket agent. Ling Jio Street has a strong cultural flavor. Ping Xi town’s second largest water fall – Ling Jaio Waterfall. Antique bridge built during Japanese occupation and Tsai family red bricks apartment are within walking distance.

Direction: Drive on No. 106 route or take Ping Xi train and get off at Ling Jiao Station.

Shi Fen Waterfall

Also named the “Taiwan’s Niagra Falls” It is shaped like a screen curtain due to its layered rock. Water flows off cliff and drops with such brute force 15 meters down into deep lake. Water vapor slowly rises from the lake and becomes rainbow under sunlight.

Direction: Drive on No. 106 road and passes Ping Xi, Ling Jiao and arrives at Shi Fen Tourist Center. Then either walk or take Ping Xi train to Shi Fen Station.

Shi Fen

At the ShiFen Old Street, apart from the flying paper make-a-wish lanterns, one can also stop by for a meal. Restaurant features traditional Taiwan cuisines such as lightly flavored chicken, stir fried bamboos and all sorts of wild greens. Hearing the huge roaming noise of the trains as they rumble by while dining is a special experience not to be missed.

Phone: 886-2-2495-8570
Address: No.116, Shifen St., Ping Xi Township, Taipei County 226, Taiwan

Taiwan Blue Magpie Coffee

Surrounding by the green forest and sparkling river, sipping a fragrant coffee while waiting for the country’s emerald blue national bird (Taiwan Blue Magpie), is the best way to enjoy the quiet lifestyle of PingXi. Magpie Cafe is bird lovers' secret place. The place is serene, and scenery is superb, a worthwhile recommendation.

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Address: No.2, Qianzhenlin, Ping Xi Township, Taipei County 226, Taiwan