Saturday, June 6, 2009

JinShan-WanLi-KeeLung route

  North Coast Soul Cleansing Journey
JIN SHAN-WAN LI-Kee Lung route


Dharma Drum Mountain

The temple is built by Taiwan’s’ very own soul guide – Master Sheng Yen. Opened in 2005, this is not a traditional Taiwanese Temple. The temple is surrounded by mountains. Whether one chooses to mediate, eat vegetarian meal, or just walk and visit, this place makes visitors momentary forget their real-life problems.

Direction: Form Kee Lung train station take “Kee Lung – Jin Shan” charter bus.Or from Taipei take “Taipei – Dharma Drum Mountain” charter bus.


Lion Head Mountain Park

In addition to the trenches and bunkers built during Marshall Law era, Loin Head Mountain Park has swallowtails, egrets, Japanese silver grass. Unique voice and jingle from birds and insects makes for an interest outdoor experience.

Direction: Charter bus from Kee Lung to Jin Shan or Taipei to Jin Shan can reach this park.


Old Jin Shan General Hot Spring

It uses the same Hot spring source as Da Dun Mountain. From the top floor’s open roof male bath, one can see the famous Jin Shan Scenery moon’s reflection in water at night.

Phone: 886-2-2408-2628
Address: No.196, Minsheng Rd., Jinshan Township, Taipei County 208, Taiwan


Phone: 886-2-2498-8788
Address: No.197, Wan Lijiatou Rd., Wan Li Township, Taipei County 20741, Taiwan


Yeh Liu Geography Park

Nature left many breath taking fine art pieces here. The oddly shaped rocks, tranches, holes and cliffs due to weathering are beautiful and extraordinary. Of course, never miss that special rock shaped like a queen’s head.

Tel: 886-2-2492-6516
Address: No.167-1, Gangdong Rd., Wan Li Township, Taipei County 20744, Taiwan


Yun Park

This is legendary diva’s final resting place. One can still hear DENG Li JUN’s song play continuously from the speakers here. There is also a huge piano keyboard on the ground that allows visitors to play piano with their feet.

Direction: From Taipei, Kee Lung or Dan Shui take charter bus to Jin Shan Station. Then take taxi to ChinPaoShan.


Xian Dong Hill

There are three sea corroded caves. Legend has it that someone successfully meditated here and became an immortal. Inside the caves one can find stone carved Buddha and language written in ink. The atmosphere is somber and grave. The stone stairway beside the cave leads to Sheng An Temple and Xian Dong Park. Climbing to the very top one can view freight unloading operation of Kee Lung Harbor.

Direction: From Kee Lung City, take No 301 bus.


Kee Lung’s Canons

Taiwan’s most concentrated location for cannons is in Kee Lung. For example, Er Sha Bay cannons by the in Zhong Zheng Park at Shou Shan Road, Da Wu Lun Cannons beside the Lover’s lake, Gang Zi Liao cannons beside Oceanic University and Bai Mi Weng cannon beside Kee Lung Harbor…etc. These are all state designated level one historic heritages fortresses.


Peaceful Island Park

What used to be a key military installation is now a tourist attraction. The Peace Bridge connects the isolated island with Taiwan mainland to from a permanent passage. The famous sight is tens of thousands of mushroom shaped rock called “Million Crowd” and many square shaped rocks called “Thousand Layer”.

Direction: From Kee Lung City take No 101 Bu to Vocational training center.


Local food such as Jin Bao Village Old Street’s duck meat, temple entrance’s stir-fry and yam, Kee Lung night market’s healthy sandwich, shredded ice, tempura, rolls and eels are some that one must try during this trip.