Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A-Mei TeaHouse

A-Mei Tea House

The tea house owner A-Mei is also an experience dancer. She blends the dance rhythm into its interior design. The building has the typical low roof of Jiou Fen. Open windows were designed for the fresh mountainous air. With the extension of sea view and mountain view, the fixed interior space now seems limitless. During the rainy season, the rain drops fall down from the low roof, form a beautiful water curtain that leads people into their own imagination.

The relaxing space is great for either tea or a decent meal. The most popular meal for Japanese tourist is the “farmhouse lunch set”, with okra, salted vegetables, egg abalone salad, sweet fried taro & pork…etc. They are light and with a low level of salt. On the tea menu, “past love” is a Oolong winter tea with a hint of fruit, the tea leaves can be used nine times without losing its flavor. It is recommended to pair up with some tea biscuit made of shredded tea leaves. The biscuit is tasteful but and does not leave any residue in your mouth. It is only baked by order to ensure the crispiness and quality.

Address: No.20, Shixia Ln., Ruifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-2496-0833
Suggestion: Farmhouse lunch set, “past love” tea, tea biscuit.

Sky Castle Tea House

Phone: 886-2-2496-7767
Address: No.308, Qingbian Rd., Ruifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan
Product & Services: tea, coffee, light meals and pottery