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Yang Ming Shan-Dan Shui route

Heritage Site, Volcano, Wetland Ecological Trip
Yang Ming Shan-Dan Shui route

Xiao You Keng

Located at the northwestern hill of Qi Xing Mountain at about 805 meters altitude. Volcano rock, opening, collapsed landscape, hot springs and sulfur composites can be observed here. Xiao You Keng tourist information center broadcasts some educational videos regularly. Dawn is the best time to enjoy the scenery , when the Sun comes up from the direction of JinShan, hits the white smoke that rises slowly off the ground, the sight is simply cannot be describe adequately by words.

Direction: Drive on the Yang Jin road then turn right at Xiao Guan Yin station.

Dan Shui Historic Sites

This area is composed by many historic items. From the MRT station, go along the golden coast river walk, one can see Dr. MaKai's boarding point in front of a Starbucks. Next door to the HuWei MaKai Hospital is the DanShui Church. A level three state historic heritage site Makai family cemetery is located in the Dan Jiang junior high school. The Oxford school was the first western style school in Taiwan. Further down the road is the Fort San Domingo which was built over 400 years ago. Constructed with stone outer wall and brick inner wall to defend against attacks from cannons.

Direction: Get off at the Dan Shui MRT Station then explore the area by walk.

Hung Shu Lin Ecological Park

The four treasures of Hung Shu Lin – kandelia, mudskipper, egret and fiddler crab can be observed by standing on the wooden observatory deck. Biking is the best way to experience the park. Bike rentals are available at Dan Shui or Guan Du.

Direction: Get off at the Hung Shu Lin MRT station then enter the golden riverside bike trail.

Shih-San-Hang Museum of Archaeology

Completed in 2003, The museum is over 6000 square meters and 1.5 meter deep underground. Tourist needs to go down a slope in order to reach the entrance. The museum features pottery, iron, bronze and stone appliances from the Shih-San-Hang civilization. The most symbolic item among the collection is the “Human face Pottery”.

Phone: 886-2-2619-1313
Address: No.200, Museum Rd., Bali Township, Taipei County 24947, Taiwan

Dan Shui Shopping Street

The oldest street in Dan Shui is located on the hill of Zhong Jian Street, however, most of the restaurants and art shops are on Zhong Zheng Street. A-Ge, iron-hard preserved eggs, fish crackers, fish balls, shrimp rolls and plum drink are the must try here.

Direction: Get off at the Dan Shui MRT Station.

Xi Jian Chen Cake Shop

Phone: 886-2-2629-1180
Address: No.42, Gongming St., Dan Shui Township, Taipei County 25173, Taiwan

Three Sister A-Ge

ZhenLi Street is the only old street in Taiwan, which is not only within a museum park but also includes schools from kindergarten to college. The food "A-Ge" comes from a Japanese word which means deep fried. Mr.Yang Shu Gen stuffed rice noodle into tofu and started out as a recipe among the neighborhood, but quickly spread out and becomes the student’s snack and memories of ZengLi Street . The calligraphy writing of the shop was inked by the famed scholar Qi Bai Shi’s descendant Qi Ren Rui.

This delicacy is made with fish paste, rice noodle and tofu. Used to be in the shape of a triangle, taste differs depending on the sauce of different shops. However, like a bird that recognizes its own mother from birth, "Three Sister A-Ge" is crowned for having the most authentic flavor by the students. The Sisters are known as the “Flowers of ZhenLi Street” , started selling A-Ge when they were 18. They are now in their 60s and have spent a good part of their lives guarding this flavor. Customers who came here when they were children are now bringing their sons back to the place for the most authentic and traditional taste.

Phone: 886-2-2621-8072
Address: No.1, Lane 2, Zhenli St., Dan Shui Township, Taipei County 25164, Taiwan

Banyan Bay

Phone: 886-2-2629-6464
Address: No.229-9, Zhongzheng Rd., Dan Shui Township, Taipei County 25158, Taiwan