Friday, July 17, 2009

Suggestions by North Taiwan's Elder

Suggestions by North Taiwan's Elder

North Taiwan has world class scenery from mountains, plains, rivers beach and various ecology. Every town has its own unique culture, history, tourist attraction and food that is worthwhile to introduce to international friends. I hope friends can use this manual and plan a rich cultural trip and experience the natural energy hiding in the environment and get close to true and enjoyable local communities.

Foreign visitor who travelled to North Taiwan can spend an extra three to four days here. You will experience and meet shocking beautiful sights, admire culture heritages, and discover North Taiwan elegant and fine points. Slow down your pace and make trip deeper, longer, and more sensual. You will be rewarded with so much more.

I am glad a few has dedicated so much into these communities. They take our ancestor's exploration, lives, and hardships and express them through art and fine cuisine to resonate others. It takes vision and hard work to implement that can really touch others deep down their souls. Tourism needs to be moving, not just another commercialized endeavor. Well choreographed trips within North Taiwan will guarantee an emotional arousal.

Taipei County Magistrate