Friday, July 17, 2009

Mining Story Musical

Miner Theatre

Mining Story Musical Website

Fried radish kid HUO is only eleven years old, hardly an age that would be responsible for supporting a family. But every freezing morning before school, he takesa box of fried radish and sells them on the dark streets. If it is not for the radish shop owner to let him sell the food first, Hou would not even have money to buythe radish in the first place. Hou’s dad is a simple mine worker and because he is too naive he is left a boatload of debt and no food on the table. HOU’s fatherworked an extra shift but still could not stop HOU’s mother to leave her son because of poverty. “The more radishes I sell and more money I earn maybe my motherwill come back. This is Hou’s biggest smallest dream.