Friday, July 17, 2009

Five reasons to come visit the 5 Gold route

Five reasons to come visit the 5 Gold route

■ Taiwan Northeastern treasures: Bretschneideraceae、Lilium formosanum、Lycoris aurea Herb

1. The most beautiful and fun coast in Taiwan. You can scuba dive in Bitou Cape , Surfing in Zhong Jiao Bay and paragliding in Jade Bay. You can enjoy the siteof rock in various shapes such as sea weathered caves and mushroom shaped rocks.

2. There is a diverse area of ecological site for learning such as a huge Hung Shu Lin wetlands, in Jin Jiu Area there is a Chao Jian park nicknamed "the deliveryroom of squid", because it is a complete fern habitat and Long Cave and Bitou Cape's Coral reefs. These are all breath taking places.

3. Come and visit "Taiwan Northeastern treasures", Bretschneideraceae and blossoming lilies in the Spring. Lycoris aurea Herb in the fall.

4. Normally "dream like cloud sea" can only seen at one kilometer altitude, but in Jin Jiu it can be observed at 300 to 500 meter altitude

5. Eleven hiking trail near mountain and four near sea such as Cao Ling Old Street trial, Tai Yuan Valley trial, Long Dong promontory trial. These are many opportunitiesto reinvigorate oneself.